We are committed to developing sustainable market links that can allow people, businesses and the environment to thrive.

We are passionate

about working closely with clients to

  • strengthen global food and agriculture supply chains and distribution systems
  • expand businesses in new markets, using timely data, insights and customized strategies
  • explore applications and opportunities for food and agriculture technology
  • encourage smart investments in food and agriculture that benefit both global businesses and local economies

We are international and diverse

Founded by an international team with 30+ years of combined experience in the sector. Our greatest strength is our diversity of backgrounds, individuality and global experience.

We are experienced

  • Have completed over 300 successful projects together in over 40 different countries
  • Have extensive experience with clients from the private sector, government and international development organizations

We are flexible and tough

We are global detectives who thrive in new and unexpected situations. We are resourceful and creative in getting answers to tough questions.