Chisa has over 20 years of experience in research and problem solving related to global agriculture, policy and market development. Before launching Meros, she was a senior consultant at Promar Consulting, where she directed the government research and trade policy program. Some of her notable experience includes extensive research on the TPP impact on Japanese agriculture and global commodity and grain industry analysis, as well as working with a major manufacturer to enter agricultural machinery markets in India and China, and analyzing future trends for Brazilian soybean and maize exports.

Chisa is fascinated with the complex relationship between data, people, environment, natural resources, history and land use and how these relationships impact government policies and culture. Her inquisitive personality makes her a real food and agribusiness detective: she has a knack for finding obscure data, deciphering intricate business links and finding solutions for every value chain issue, whether commodity, cash crop or livestock related.

Chisa has a master’s degree in agricultural economics from the University of Tokyo ’s Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences. A native Japanese speaker and fluent in English and Mandarin.