Daijiro has a background in international business development in Japan, Southeast Asian and European markets.

Before Meros he worked for development consulting company Padeco on international development projects for JICA, particularly in the Philippines.  Previously in his career, he had been involved in global business development for agricultural non-woven fabric, including on-site demos to explore market entry potential in Indonesia, market research in Spain and was responsible for trade and export management with European customers, including optimizing route and vessel plans.

He is deeply familiar with the Japanese market and has extensive experience in new business development projects. He has come to Meros to apply this business experience to the field he is most passionate about – food and agriculture markets.

At Meros, he has been involved in our work in Colombia on rice industry development policy, investigating opportunities for new business and agri-tech start-up collaboration in key global agriculture sectors, as well as a deep dive into Japan’s market for spirits, particularly whiskey and gin. As Meros is known for our gin collection, this has been useful research for us all.

Daijiro is curious and eager to try new foods and investigate new restaurants – something that is a challenge only when he is preparing for high-level competitions in weight training and body building – an inspiration to our team!

Daijiro holds a degree in Natural Sciences from Kyoto University. He also spent a year at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico studying agriculture. A native Japanese speaker, he is also fluent in English and Spanish.