Hiroki has a background in public policy and management and previously worked for Ernst and Young (EY)’s consulting division in Tokyo. 

His recent work at Meros has included extensive research into Japan’s seafood markets as well as analysis of alternative protein market developments, from cultivated meat and plant-based meat to algae and insect protein. He is also deeply involved in our work in Colombia on rice technology and marketing and in Vietnam on improving cold chain facilities at traditional seafood markets. Potential exporters to Japan may also have seen his contributions to various Meros export guides, from Japanese e-commerce guides to product-based regulatory advice on biostimulants and CBD, among other topics.

Hiroki is an avid traveler and always willing to try new and unusual foods or step into new adventures while exploring new overseas markets on field research or his native Japan. He has introduced our team to various edible insects and recently new coffee varieties found during overseas field research. He is not only curious about digging deeply into global food systems and agribusiness challenges but also understanding trends in food, agriculture and policy in Japan. Follow Meros LinkedIn account for Hiroki’s regular posts about Japanese and global food and agriculture trends.

Hiroki holds a Master of Economics from Hitotsubashi University and a Master of Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University Australia. A native Japanese speaker and fluent in English.