Lucia has nearly two decades of experience in Asian markets, with work based in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. She combines a background in media and publishing with experience in trade and development economics.

She has worked extensively with the private sector, including investigating M&A opportunities in European, US and Asian markets for several global beverage companies; working with the Nepalese ginger industry to develop its first export strategy; and assessing investment potential in global biomass and ag tech markets. She previously worked for Promar Consulting as a senior consultant, overseeing numerous projects for US cooperators, embassies and trade associations.

Lucia is an explorer by heart. Visiting the constantly changing cities in Asia is one of her passions which she combines with assisting global corporations expand their food and agribusiness in the region. She gets equally inspired when helping farmers and businesses from developing countries break into the global market or when she discovers a new spicy cuisine around the world.

Lucia holds a master’s degree in international affairs and development economics from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) where she focused on rural microfinance. She is fluent in Japanese and Mandarin.