The second session of the Japan Impact Investment Network (J-IIN)’s Natural Capital Series will be held on Thursday, April 20, starting at 18:00 (JST).

 “The State of Biodiversity: Challenges, Solutions and Possibilities” will feature panelists who are active in cutting edge biodiversity initiatives and will discuss the potential of impact investment in the field of biodiversity and share their own perspectives from the field.

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– Ms. Debbie Saunders: Founder & CEO: Wildlife Drones – Providing real-time animal movement tracking and integration services using cutting-edge drone technology
– Ms. Rachel Lim: Impact Investment Analyst: Silverstrand Capital – Leading an accelerator program to support start-ups addressing the biodiversity crisis
– Mr. James Fitzsimons: Director of Conservation and Science: The Nature Conservancy Australia – Delivering results in conservation and regeneration in Australia

Our Natural Capital Series has three more events and will continue through the summer of 2023. Together with our partners at The Nature Conservancy (TNC), we will be inviting investors and companies, in addition to TNC teammembers working around the world to discuss critical issues in business and investment in natural capital. Our next three webinars will each focus on the challenges and opportunities on of the following areas: forest land, oceans, and agricultural and pastoral land.

June 2023: Challenges and investment opportunities in forest land
July 2023: Issues and investment potential in the ocean businesses and the growing Blue Economy
September 2023: Issues and business potential in agricultural and pastoral land

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About J-IIN
Japan Impact Investment Network (J-IIN) focuses on supporting entrepreneurs and investors to build impactful, scalable business beyond Japan. Meros is a founding member of J-IIN.

J-IIN was created as a forum for entrepreneurs, investors and supporters of global business with impact to communicate frankly, exploring how global and domestic issues intersect.

Internationally, food and agriculture has attracted the most impact investment attention, but is a sector that has received much less attention in Japan. Meros works with our J-IIN colleagues to raise awareness of global trends in impact investment and business in agriculture and food in Japan and globally.