Summer is here and that means….Kana is back!  Kana Yamada is back for her second year as a summer research assistant. Kana just finished her third year at Wellesley College in the US, where she is a political science and music major, and has returned here to her hometown of Tokyo to continue her work with Meros.

“I wanted to come back to Meros for the summer because I had such a rich experience as an summer research assistant last summer. At the time I had barely any knowledge of consulting nor profound insights into the agriculture and food industry, but through the opportunity of joining some actual projects, I was able to learn research methods, ways to organize data, and how to conduct interviews. But the primary reason was that everybody on the Meros team is very welcoming, work-efficient, brilliant, and became my role models. The warm community enabled me to learn and grow, and as a second-year intern, I am hoping to be able to help the Meros team even more compared to last year.”

This summer Kana will be digging into the background of Japan’s new Green Food System Strategy and sustainability trends in trade and sourcing in the food and agriculture supply chain. “This summer, I am working on a research project on Japan’s new Green Food System Strategy. As the world is facing severe environmental challenges due to climate change and the agriculture industry in Japan has been stagnant for years, the Strategy is seen as a driver for a building a more sustainable society and more resilient supply chains. I am intrigued to see how the policy can (or cannot) be a trigger for a change and how the Japanese food industry will transition to a stronger and more sustainable system.”

Kana also plans to use the summer to plan for the future. “Some things I am looking forward to doing this summer are meeting up with friends and looking for jobs. I had not been able to see my friends as often recently as the COVID situation was very unstable with the new variants appearing. As many of my friends are already in their last year of college, I am hoping to see them and catch up with what has been going on with their life. In addition, I hope to use my summertime to clarify what job I would like to do after graduating college. Along with attending some career forums, I think working at Meros will enable me to meet people from many companies, industries, and positions, which would be an inspiration in figuring out what (and where) I see myself working in the future.

Welcome back, Kana! We look forward to your positive energy and contributions!