• The client was interested in investment opportunities and new business development in the Digital Farm Management (DFM) industry, focused on the US, EU and Israel.
  • Digital Farm Management (DFM) refers to agribusinesses and ag-tech companies (many of them start-ups) that provide various digital farming tools such as software  or web and smart phone applications focused on farm management. These products are sold to farmers directly or indirectly via retailers and other actors in the supply chain.
  • The client needed a deeper understanding of the top global players and their business models, in order to move forward with their investment plans. At the same time, they also needed their own investment plans to remain confidential.


  • We identified key global players and researched their history, growth and business models through desktop resources and meetings with industry experts. Wherever possible we met directly with the companies to learn about their current business objectives and plans.
  • We successfully identified key trends in the global DFM industry that included:
    • Increasing integration of existing DFM products under one platform
    • Increasing diversification of business models
    • Exploration of finance and insurance products as a next-phase focus for many players
    • Autonomous vehicle technology connecting with DFM solutions
  • We designed a strategy map to show the positioning of key players in the DFM industry, based on each player’s resources, strategy and business development direction.
  • We provided a detailed profile of each company, outlining their key products, current sales strategy, competitive position in the market, as well as future strategy for development.


  • Based on Meros’ strategic insights, the Client was well-prepared to continue discussions with its top targets.
  • The Client was successfully chosen as Series C investor for its top candidate.