• The Client’s mission was to diversify its business in Southeast Asia by introducing new technologies and business models. The Client had identified forage feed for dairy and livestock farming as a possible area to focus on.
  • The Client needed deeper first-hand insight into the current feed challenges in Vietnam and Indonesia’s beef and dairy industries, well as leads on potential reliable partners for developing pilot farms and technology testing.


  • Meros conducted a detailed on-the-ground study of feed and forage for the dairy and livestock industries in Vietnam and Indonesia.
  • Documented the feeding practices, manure handling, forage and concentrated feed supply of both large and small dairies and beef farms. We spoke with farmers, cooperatives, feed producers and distributors, large dairies and beef farms, as well as governments and universities.
  • Documented the current value chains and pricing structure for milk and beef, from farm to retail
  • Identified the core forage supply challenges that may provide opportunities for new business models and technologies.


  • Meros recommended potential business partnership models, including various options for collaboration with public and private organizations.
  • The Client began meetings with potential partners identified by Meros to initiate discussions for the next stage of the project; The Client settled on prioritizing a public-private partnership model for Indonesia.