Tina has a PhD in food anthropology from Kyoto University and has deep experience in global markets and research. She has previously worked as a researcher at AC Nielsen and as Program Coordinator for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). During her 8 years as a senior consultant for Promar Consulting she oversaw market expansion and value chain analysis for seafood, dairy, biotechnology and agricultural input, among other industries. She also focused on commercial due diligence and acquisition support, especially for Japanese corporations active in Europe.

As an anthropologist, Tina is always curious about food cultures and food innovations. Her passion spreads from researching each step of the long way that a fish travels from the ocean to consumers’ plate to investigating why certain groups of people in the world will buy exactly this fish and what will be the ways they will cook it. She is always ready to tackle any new challenge along the complex value chain, from farm to table.

At Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Tina did an extensive research on Japan’s wagyu beef and olive industries. She is a native Bulgarian speaker and fluent in English, Japanese and Russian.